Thursday, 22 December 2016

Music and Murder

Darkness fell like a widow’s veil and the mist above the Avon drifted across the road.  As silence blanketed the countryside, the lights in Totnes glowed dimly and the sweeping arcs of light from the rush hour traffic lit the hotel with a deathly pallor.  Then a low rumble in the distance marked the approach of a powerful car.

Passers-by looked anxiously down the road past the hotel.  Was this the ghost of the Bentley found in the river five years ago with its brake lines cut and the body of the lord’s wife slumped at the wheel? 

A modern car turned into the hotel.  In the dim light, two shadowy figures emerged and began to move heavy items from the boot of the car.  The passers-by shivered and passed by.  Somethings are best not seen.  The Desperate Measures band had arrived.

For our last gig of 2016 we played for a private party in the Seven Stars function room, where we were joined by actors from the Moonstone Theatre Company who were to perform a murder mystery for the assembled diners.  Every now and then someone would (appropriately enough) make the “cut throat” sign and we would pause to hear the unfolding tale of the submerged Bentley and the intrigues of unrequited love, mercenary marriage and murder most foul.  Quite a pleasant evening really.

To join in with the spirit of the occasion we attempted to arrive in clothing styles that reflected the 1930s era in which the mystery was set.  I asked my wife what I could wear in 30's style and she remarked that it's been a long time since I've been in my thirties.

Our elegant bassist flashing his double-breasted suit (but sadly facing away from us here)

Perhaps our bassist was distracted by other double breasted folk

Waiting for our turn to perform
Our dashing dapper dynamic drummer (with imaginary drumsticks)
Christmas is upon us now and we’ve been out shopping and going to parties.  Actually, I met a member of UKIP on his way to his office party.  I advised him to avoid the punch.  He didn’t seem too pleased but I got my come-uppance when I got home.  My wife had bought our tree in BHS.  You can tell because it has no branches.

The Totnes evening was our tenth outing this year – three more than 2015.  And we already have dates set for the Bedford Hotel jazz lunches in 2017 (see the dates page on our website or the blog below this).  I guess we’ll have to revise some of our tunes.  We could do “There’ll never be another EU”?  “Afternoon in Portsmouth”?  I’m sure you can think of a few....

Anyway, we are hoping for an equally enjoyable new year.  We wish all our followers the same.

Finally, do you know how Christmas will be different after Brexit?  No brussels.

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