Monday, 3 February 2014

Double Measure

As an added bonus to the initial blog entry below, here's a few more pictures from the Bedford gig on 2nd Feb 2014.  These were taken by our excellent alto sax player Richard Linney who has revealed himself also as no mean snapper.  Thanks Rich!

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A good year for the roses

Half measures - small combo plays while others take a break

I only have eyes for you

I'll handle the paradiddles thank you

One two three - Le Trio concentrate on their walz time

Sunday, 2 February 2014

A Measure of Success

Desperate Measures continued their run of gigs at the Bedford Hotel with another jazz lunch offering on 2nd February 2014.

Publicity for the band in the bar of the hotel

Turn again

Debbie’s absence (tenor sax) was planned but was nearly compounded when Felicity (who was to play tenor this time) and Geoff (piano) found that the A390 at Gunnislake was closed in both directions because of an accident.  The detour took them almost into Launceston before they could get on the B3362 down to Tavistock, while the band waited anxiously and diners started to arrive to silence.

And where was Debbie you may ask?  A picture is required...

Debbie acts a Dick
Yes, Debbie was rehearsing for her starring role in the Meavy AmDram production of Dick Whittington.  Oh yes she’s behind you, or something.
So, meanwhile back at the Bedford, the band was pretty much ready.  Charlie warmed up his instrument...
A Bone of contention
Mick the Bass - worth his weight in gold
So, this time,we featured an additional "vocalist".  Our dynamic band leader Charlie has been practising his skills, so we allowed him one duet and one solo number.  His duet on 'Stompin' at the Savoy' went down well and 'Makin' Whoopee' continued his penchant for songs with present participles in the title. 
The audience seemed happy enough with the band, applauding the tunes and also many solos.  And soon it was time for our own meal.  Like all Bedford blogs, we have to include a picture of food.
I had the Lion of Pork (pride of the hotel)

 This singing lark might be starting a precedent. John tried to convince us he could do an Al Jolson song......

How I Love Ya, How I love ya