Sunday, 16 December 2012

It looked like rein deer...

...but fortunately the weather stayed reasonably clement on 9th December in Plymouth town centre. 

Red Ar-mee
For the preivous year's Santa Run organised by the Rotary, we assembled a band of waifs and strays, but this year the real Desperates played, apart from our vocalist Tessa (who'd better bring a note next time) and Geoff our keyboard virtuoso, who wanted to keep his instrument dry.  So to speak.

Double entendre was the order the of the day, starting with discussion about which way to dangle.

Charlie dangles to the rear
We were of course discussing our santa hats. 

Our little grotto was smaller this year.  I blame the cold weather.  So some brave members were left a little exposed, regardless of elf and safety.

Debbie shows her jazz knowledge by playing outside

Despite attempts by a local character, we were not persuaded to change the set list to include any AC-DC hits.  Maybe the runners felt it was a "Highway to Hell", but we thought "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" was more encouraging.  As it turned out, the runners didn't sleigh us.  Or give us the sack. 

Here's a few pictures...

John always gets the drumsticks

Happy pluckers

Yule like this one
Plymouth Ho Ho Ho
Our rehearsals begin again after the Christmas break, so until then we wish you all a warm and happy time at Christmas and into the new year.  And some of the band can sing....