Sunday, 15 July 2012

What is this thing....

..called sun?  Today a strange light was seen in the sky over Meavy where the Desperates assembled to play.
On the sunny side of the street

Although it wasn't exactly sweltering when we arrived.  (Click on images to see then bigger!)

Coats and warm drinks required
Pete has a line for every situation
Debs admires Felicity's parts

The lunchtime gig at Meavy was in support of ‘Jeremiah’s Journey’ a Plymouth charity which supports bereaved children.  We played over lunchtime to add to the atmosphere for people doing a 9-mile charity walk (called the Parish Plod) starting and finishing in Shaugh Prior and passing via the Skylark and Cadover. They stopped for lunch - and live music (the Desperates!!) - at  the Royal Oak

Walkers mingle with Sunday lunchers

The uneven cobbles are a familiar setting for the band who tend to lean at odd angles after playing.  Except for John the drums who brings a selection of woodwork to insert at strategic places.  When we talk about checking our levels we don't mean the sound check.

John sets his levels

I don't think those guys are checking out the band...

For a change, the whole gig was rain-free; we were able to play Summertime without a trace of irony - and our audience enjoyed the nearest thing to summer we've seen for a while.  Oh, and we all thank the lovely Pete for stepping in on keys as Geoff couldn't make it. 

Pete on keys (also provided young dancers)
See you all next time....

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Woke up this morning.... a warning on the news.  Woke up this morning, to a warning on the news. Well, the river done flooded, and ruined my new shoes.

Yes! Risk to life, severe final warnings!  Covering South Devon rivers, including the Avon (the baby brother to the Bristol one) where we were to play on Saturday evening.  At risk were Low lying properties and roads at South Brent, Avonwick and Aveton Gifford". Avonwick was where we were going!

Saturday 7th July, in the middle of a British summer, ladies final day at Wimbledon, and we were to play at Avonwick Tennis Club to celebrate their anniversary.  Would we make it?

Er, actually, yes we would. The river level dropped during the day and by the afternoon the warnings were downgraded.  So, appropriately enough for a tennis club, we were able to play three sets.

The intrepid band arrives and prepares to make a racquet
We set up next the toilet facilities, which was a convenience (!) considering the age of some us.  Felicity and Richard were unable to make it to this gig, but we were honoured by the prescence of Chris Montgomery who had in fact played with the DMs in their embryonic stage - before the Desperate name was even thought of.

After the first set (to love of course) the tennis club kindly offered us food, including strawberries and cream for dessert.

First Service

Geoff aces his second serving

Notice Tessa and Mick concentrating on the beer supplies in the background (click on pictures to enlarge). 

Our second and third sets merged into one with a brief rest as the club members had started to demonstrate some deft footwork.

No foot faults here
With an appreciative dancing audience we extended some tunes and played a bit longer than planned but eventually emerged into the night to find that it had been raining.  Again.
As we splashed our way home, we could refelct on the fact that the name "Avon" is a cognate of the Welsh word afon, "river".  So yes, the River Avon is really the River River.