Sunday, 19 July 2015

Dart arts

Totnes, twinned with Narnia, houses the South Hams alternative community, and it was there that the Desperate magical mystery tour ventured on July 12th 2015.  

While most English folk are rolling cheeses downhill and dancing around with bells on their ankles, in Totnes they race dragons.

This has to be accompanied by sideshows, live music, and stalls selling exotic food.  Members of the band were seen to be frequenting these establishments before ducking under their umbrellas to feast on never-ending pancakes and Bertie Botts' every flavour beans.

There was even a stall manned by a Potter but we didn't dare ask to see his scar.

While we awaited our turn, a local wizard entertained young elves in the little marquee that was to become our venue in the damp conditions.  The wizard however was rather tardy and the band members became impatient to begin, so Richard was despatched to place the Oculus Malum on the offending wizard. However, the grated cheese from a consumed delicacy had coated his spectacles and the spell did not work.  

The problem was solved by Debbie who, by showing her charms, frightened the wizard away.  Well, it is a rather awesome bracelet.

We soon began to play. Then the wizard avenged himself by placing a machina frigoris charm on our generator which plunged us into silence.  However, our own master wizard Mick swiftly took out his wand.

Despite the gasps of women present, he used his essentia ignis spell and we were soon under way.

A good day.

International Tour

A brief mention must be made here of the Desperates international debut in Brittany, France.  Several band members, both current and old (or should that be old and current?), travelled across the channel to the home of our previouis drummer, Jeremy.

There they played with local musicians and generally made merry.  Here's a couple of their pictures.

Une fete de la musique

Une fete des aliments