Sunday, 5 May 2013

Another day, another dinner

May 5th 2013.  A hard day's work at Bedford Hotel is rewarded with a pleasant meal.

Our immaculately dressed drummer is mistaken for a waiter and has to serve the drinks

The restaurant was fully booked for the jazz lunch, but staggered bookings combined with delays in diners being served left us running out of tunes and energy.  Bravely, we carried on well past our scheduled end time of 2 pm.  And finally, it was a tired band that sat down to lunch at around 3.30 pm. 

Sadly there had been no time to organise photographs of us playing this time.  So you'll have to put up with just one or two pictures of our sojourn in the 'green room'.  Here's Mick asking Debs to check that his nostrils are clean.

And John the waiter hungrily contemplates his lunch
At the end of our gig, just as Charlie was doing the band name check and bringing it to an end, a keen jazz fan who had only just started her meal asked us to play Summertime.  We obliged with a tired and rather ragged rendering.  So should we try to accommodate folk coming up and asking for tunes or not?  Discussion continued over lunch.  Opinions were divided, but Charlie our leader had a clear viewpoint:

It subsequently emerged that the folk booking us for a future gig for a diamond wedding had submitted, er, a list of requests.  Here's Charlie rehearsing his outfit to satisfy the requirement.

That's him on the left I think
Yep, they want some Abba.  Anyone got a swing version of Dancing Queen?

See you next time!