Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Magnificent Seven

Monday 27th August 2012

Things to do on a rainy day in Devon?  You could watch the DMs play outside the Royal Oak in Meavy!  Brian and Yvonne did.

Our audience
We were without Jo our esteemed clarinetist and our usual drummer John -  and on the day Geoff (keys) and Felicity (bari) couldn't make it either.  So with Tom-the-drums on loan from the Cuckoo Collective it was a magnificent seven of us that huddled under our little gazebo.  But as the spanner said, the secret of a happy life is to be adjustable...

Spread out guys, only seven of us
Richard's essential accessory - drinks holder.
Richard showed off his new drinks holder accessory which allows him to play like a well-oiled machine.  However, our band leader, Charlie, was prevented from imbibing alcoholic drinks after several examples of outrageous compere anecdotes.

Milky bar kid
 This did not prevent him using his 'perfect pitch' joke however.  Neither did the irony of our set list escape him when after "A Very Good Year" we offered "Summertime".

Prophylactics for our equipment after our first set.
 Whic reminds me of that other musical joke.  "Why are drummers/guitarists/trumpeters (delete as required) like prophylactics?  Because you know you should use one but it's better if you don't."


Here's some nice pictures courtesy of the Royal Oak facebook page:

We finished appropriately enough with "Nobody Here but us Chickens".

Meavy chicken: "We got eggs to lay,
we've got worms to scratch..."
 Actually the gig went pretty well really.  Brian and Yvonne stayed for the whole thing.

Yay for Brain and Yvonne!