Sunday, 2 June 2013

Toot Sweet

June 2nd 2013 arrived with sunny skies, bringing the coldest Spring on record to an end.  (We hope).  A beautiful day for sitting outside, listening to the gentle sounds of a blackbird singing, and quiet children's games in the neighbouring gardens.  And what's that?  Oh, someone mowing their lawn with a noisy hover machine....and now, there's the sound of an angle grinder cutting paving slabs.  The constant yapping of someone's darling little dog completes the idyllic picture....

You'd obviously be much better off listening to Desperate Measures at another jazz lunch in the Bedford Hotel in Tavistock!  Hard to believe another month has passed but there we were, accompanied only by the toots of passing steam traction engines giving attendees at the steam fair slow rides past the hotel.

This time our set up process prompted a discussion about cables with a staff member who is studying music production.

A Bedford staff member examines Tessa's coil
But our cables were tucked away this time. 

Well, it's a little bit tidier.
Now, it may be blowing our own trumpet (ha ha), but I think the band gets better every time we play here.  Confidence is growing, and we are more relaxed.  There are things we need to work on, as always, but there were some very good performances in there.

So not a long blog today, because it's the same place as the last post, and pretty much the same thing.

We'll be back at the Bedford in July, but we'll miss August.  Our calendar is filling up with a couple of new events that will appear in more detail on the web site.  And watch this space for reports on how we get on.

There always has to be a picture of our reward at this venue, so here it is:

It's a hard life
And we got our just desserts too.  Chocolate cheesecake or bread and butter pudding.  Sweet.

And so, with sun still high, we made our way home to enjoy the sounds of our gardens.  And for Debs, this meant a chance to listen to her lettuces (you had to be there).