Sunday, 2 March 2014

All music is beautiful (Billy Strayhorn*)

While most of the Desperates dodged the rain to assemble at the Bedford Hotel on Sunday 2nd March, band members Geoff and Felicity were basking in the gentle warmth of Gran Canaria.  We pictured them there, knotted handerchiefs on their heads, trouser legs rolled up, skirts tucked into their knickers, as they dipped their toes into the pool and sipped the local rum.
We knew we would miss them, but we had the consolation of the presence of Piano Pete - a one-time member during the formative years of Desperate Measures who has now moved on to fame and fortune with the Cuckoo Collective where he plays in black and white.

But today, he was in colour.
Purple haze
We were greeted by a restaurant extensively tabled - the Sunday lunch was fully booked.  Obviously the DM fan-base is growing.  Although they may have just come in out of the rain.
Fully be-tabled restaurant
We did however recognise a few familiar faces among the audience.  And with a possible regular audience, we have to change the set list a little each time.  This time we debuted “Come Sunday”, “Something Cute” and some new pieces for the small combos, including anothe chance for Charlie to practise his vocal skills on “The Very Thought of You”.
After two and half hours of playing and watching people eat, we were anxious for a well-deserved drink and looked forward to our own finely cooked meal.
Hunger Games
*Billy Strayhorn, beside being another candidate for nominative determinism, was a jazz musician whose compositions/collaborations include Satin Doll and Take the A Train. 
Ever up and onward (Billy Strayhorn)
To infinity, and beyond! (Buzz Lightyear)