Monday, 22 September 2014

Banana Man Comes Out

Holy crinkled tights, Batman, what could this mean? 

You'll have to read to the end to find out, Robin.

Playing with Fire

Ring of Fire - Desperates at the Yealmpton Show

More pictures from this event below

What we did this Summer

Time has slipped by and the blog has been neglected for the joys of family holidays and excursions.  But the Desperates have continued to meet occasionally and play a gig or three. 
The full band was available for our regular session at the Bedford Hotel Sunday lunch on 7th September and yesterday (20th September) we were able to enjoy the tail end of our Indian Summer with an outdoor performance at the Morwellham Quay Beer Festival, where we kicked off musical proceedings with our "party" set list that includes a few rock and soul pieces.
We used this set list first at the Yealmpton Show.  Despite the band arriving late and frazzled after being stuck for an hour or more in a traffic queue from Plymouth to Yealmpton, this was an enjoyable afternoon with a great atmosphere.  Nerves were soothed by a refreshing drink and we played to some of the itinerant but interested crowds at the show.

Silver Serenade

Outdoor sax, from the side
Outdoor sax, from the front

Batman and Robin are still wondering about rival hero Banana Man, but Robin has an observation.

Am I bananas?

Peel of drums....not Bananas

Too cool to be bananas

Which of these could have a secret superhero role?

Going bananas?


Yes, we have no....well, you know.

Driven Bananas?

All this silly stuff has probably been too much for you. But Desperates attended a party on August 30th where several members' secret identities were revealed.  
Of course, all knew our band leader was a super hero.
Banana Smoothie - Charlie Lowe
But that outfit wasn't quite what we had in mind.  

Next time - news about our first international gig!