Saturday, 25 June 2016

We're Still Here

Already half way through this year...we've had the longest day and the nights are drawing in.

What have we been up to?  We played for Jazz lunches at the Bedford Hotel, Tavistock on January 3rd and May 1st and then a short set at the Totnes Party in the Town.  This is a new event put on by the Dartington International Summer School and Festival.

Over 400 acts appeared at various venues throughout Totnes, and we were scheduled to be the last band of the evening at the Seven Stars hotel venue.  After watching the excellent acts before us, we went on with some trepidation, but the audience were very kind to us!  We greatly enjoyed it despite turning up for a only short set.  With the cheers ringing in his ears, one band member declared it the best gig we've done!

And on the 24th June on a blustery summer evening, we headed out to Bigbury Gold Course for a charity function organised by the Rotary Club.  As the day on which the results of the EH referendum were filling the airwaves, we'll no doubt remember this gig.

But while politics can divide people, the things we have in common can bring us together.  Music does just that.

Next up for us is the Jazz Lunch at the Bedford on 3rd July (booking required). And then the Totnes Canoe Festival on the 17th July.  Come and join us on Sunday afternoon at this fabulous event with canoe races and many stalls. We'll be playing from 15:15 and then a bit more after a short break beginning at 16.15.

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